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MT Avalanche Team Hotel Information


Room blocks have been established in most towns where the MT Avalanche teams will be attending tournaments during the spring/summer of 2021.  You are under no obligation to stay at the designated hotels unless the tournament is designated as a *Stay to Play* tournament.  You may find better deals while searching on your own, you can also choose to camp at the fields (if allowable) stay at a campground or stay with relatives or friends. 

If you want to set up reservations, you will need to let the reservationist know all nights that you will need, even if they do not match up with the room block (i.e. drop off a Friday night, or add a Sunday night).   To make reservations under the room block, you will need to let the reservationist know that you are calling for a room under the “MT Avalanche Room Block” (unless indicated otherwise in the hotel information) along with providing the dates that the room block has been set up for.  Your reservations must be made prior to the Room Drop Date, which is provided for each individual hotel.  Any rooms not taken by the drop date will be dropped from our contract, and will not be available to the MT Avalanche under the set contract rate. 

On a side note, those of you staying at hotels this summer, do consider signing up for the hotels reward points to use when you reserve the room, for future family benefits.   Any problems with making your room reservations under the MT Avalanche room blocks please, let Jackie White know at 240-4075.


Jackie White

MT Avalanche Director

Phone: 1-406-240-4075