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2018/2019 MT Avalanche Team Announcement

By MT Avalanche Fastpitch, 07/26/18, 9:45AM MDT


2018/2019 MT Avalanche Teams:
10U MT Avalanche/Tarran
12U MT Avalanche/Schneiter
12U MT Avalanche/Latrielle
14U MT Avalanche/Gagner
14U MT Avalanche/Summerfield
14U MT Avalanche/Craun
14U MT Avalanche/Ries
16U MT Avalanche/Mohl
18U MT Avalanche/White

Shout out of thanks to our retiring Managers & Coaches:  Allie Sammoury, Troy Hanninen,  Brent Weisgram & Wendi Wood.     "A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life".   Thank you for the impact that you had on your players and teams.  We will always consider you our family and be thankful for all of the time and effort you gave to your players and the Avalanche club.